Husqvarna Z246BRS20


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Elevate your lawn care game with the Husqvarna Z246 Zero Turn Mower, part of the Z200 Series of zero-turn mowers. Designed for homeowners seeking professional-grade performance, this mower combines power, efficiency, and style to deliver exceptional results.

Key Features:

Endurance Engine: Equipped with a powerful Endurance engine, the Z246 is engineered to tackle tough mowing tasks with ease, providing more than enough ground speed and cutting efficiency.

Precision Maneuvering: Thanks to individual hydraulic wheel-drive systems, this mower offers a tight turning radius, allowing for precise maneuvering and leaving no grass uncut.

Super-Sturdy Cutting Deck: The 46-inch cutting deck is built to handle demanding mowing jobs, allowing you to cut a wide path and complete tasks quickly and efficiently.

Vibration-Isolated Platform: Experience a smooth ride with a vibration-isolated platform that reduces fatigue and discomfort, ensuring maximum comfort during extended mowing sessions.

Foot-Activated Deck Lift System: Adjust cutting height effortlessly with the foot-activated deck lift system, allowing for precision results without leaving the comfort of the seat.

Product Highlights:

Air Induction Mowing Technology: Enjoy improved grass lift and a superior cut with Air Induction Mowing Technology, which draws air from the top and bottom of the deck.

Reinforced Steel Cutting Deck: The stamped cutting deck is reinforced with heavy flat-stock steel for added strength and durability, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Maintenance-Free Transmission: Experience worry-free performance with maintenance-free, integrated zero-turn transmissions.

Rugged Frame and Casters: Built to last, the robust frame and casters offer high durability and reduced chassis flex, ensuring superior performance and longevity.

The Husqvarna Z246 Zero Turn Mower combines cutting-edge design, proven performance, and standout features to provide homeowners with professional-grade lawn care capabilities.

Width Weight Height Length
0 Inch 504 Pounds 0 Inch 0 Inch