4815H Series 2, Compact Tractor


Estimated delivery between May 31 and June 02.

Engine power 48 hp Hitch lift capacity 3306 lb Compact enough to give you the versatility you need, and powerful enough to take on the tougher jobs on and off the field. With powerful lift capabilities in a compact body, a TYM compact tractor enables you to perform tasks within the narrow spaces between garden beds. Save time and labor to realize your vision quickly and efficiently, from tilling and leveling the land to scattering soil and seed treatment, you can grow your own orchard or raise vegetable and fruit beds within your estate. With the option of shorter variations, you can find a sub-compact tractor to support smaller greenhouse operations. The tractor optimized for you and your ambitious projects. Combine 48 hp with customizable transmission, tires, and implements to give you more control at handling the jobs you need done. Under the hood, a 4-cycle engine coupled with an HST or Synchro-Shuttle transmission powers your tractor through the toughest tasks. The tractor’s high ground clearance makes operating on rocky or uneven terrain easier, and optional LED work lights and tires allow you to customize the tractor for the job.