Husqvarna 570BTS


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The Husqvarna 570BTS is a high-powered commercial backpack blower engineered to meet the demands of professionals who require uncompromising performance. Designed for the toughest tasks, this blower delivers heavy airflow and high airspeed, powered by an efficient fan working in tandem with the X-Torq® engine. With a pro-grade air filter, it ensures long operating times and trouble-free use season after season. The wide shoulder straps on the harness provide exceptional comfort, even during extended periods of operation.


  • Commercial Grade: Built to withstand the rigors of professional use in demanding environments.
  • Powerful Engine: Equipped with a robust X-Torq® engine delivering exceptional airflow and airspeed.
  • Pro-Grade Air Filter: Ensures prolonged operating times and trouble-free use, season after season.
  • Comfortable Design: Wide shoulder straps on the harness provide superior comfort, even during long periods of operation.



  • Cylinder Displacement: 65.6 cm³
  • Power Output: 4 hp
  • Maximum Power Speed: 8,000 rpm


  • Air Flow in Housing: 972 cfm
  • Air Flow in Pipe: 768 cfm
  • Air Speed (Flat Nozzle): 202 mph
  • Air Speed (Round Nozzle): 236 mph
  • Blowing Force: 37 N
  • Fuel Tank Volume: 74.4 fl oz
  • Fuel Consumption: 431 g/kWh

Additional Details:

  • Idling Speed: 2,000 rpm
  • Electrode Gap: 0.03 in

The Husqvarna 570BTS backpack blower combines power, durability, and comfort to meet the needs of professional users tackling the toughest outdoor tasks. Whether you're clearing debris from large areas or maintaining landscapes, this blower delivers unmatched performance and reliability, ensuring you get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Width Weight Height Length
12.8 Inch 24.7 Pounds 19.65 Inch 0 Inch