Gas TX Platform (22475)


Estimated delivery between April 21 and April 23.

Gas TX Platform (22475) Quickly and easily bolted on to any Toro TX model, this ride-on platform helps minimize operator fatigue - especially in applications requiring a lot of hauling and covering substantial distances. A special pivot point lets the platform flow up and down with the terrain, adding to operator comfort and safety. The platform can be flipped up - out of the way - any time the operator wishes.


For use on either gas or diesel traked models

Counter weight standard on diesel model FEATURES

Reference Bar

Loader control reference bar mounts to dash for safety when operating over tough terrain.


Height Above Ground: 5" (13 cm) Weight: 94 lbs. (42.6 kg) Width: 33" (83.8 cm) GENERAL Width 33 in. (83.8 cm) Weight 94 lb. (42.6 kg)

Width Weight Height Depth
33 Inch 94 Pound 5 Inch 0 Inch